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Location: Rubaga, Rubaga South Kampala(U)


The late Mr Kabanda Badru, HeadTeacher of Kabowa High School

Do you want to give your child a little extra help in life? We all need a little extra help in life. Kabowa high school offers that in abundance.

We look back with pride and a sense of accomplishment at our history and you will certainly agree that kabowa hgh school provides quality and affordable services. Few secondary schools in Uganda can even boost of such a track record.

Our students have helped us measure our success as we work towards our goals. Everytime we achieve a goal, they reassure us that our service is going in the right direction. We have become more productive!
Our Success today is thanks to the past countless committed individuals to whom we owe a sincere debt of gratuitude. Their pioneering efforts will be appropriately recognized and appreciated from time to time.

We are deight to continue changing lives of the young future generation to stick to their dreams and set achievable goals that will hold their interests.

Great thanks and appreciation to the resident director, teaching and non-teaching staff.

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