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School Director of Kabowa High School, Mr Nsiyaleeta Ibrahim

In the name of God most gracious, most merciful, on behalf of the directors of the school and on my own behalf, I take this opportunity to welcome our official school website.

I, thank the almighty Allah for his protection and blessings to us as individuals and to the institution at large. Alhamdulillah. Indeed all achievements made are due to his will.

It is now 22 years of dedicated service to our parents, community and nation at large and I am delighted to inform you that alot has happened over the years among which is the spatial expansion of accommodation facilities for both the boys and girls and improvements in many other areas in our service provision as can be seen when one visits us. The school academic standards have been maintained in that, since 2005 to date with our students being admitted to various programs engineering, medicine, business administration, education, sports, environmental studies to mention but a few, in the various government universities and to our delight many of them have excelled with first class and upper second degrees in their fields of endeavor.

And in addition, always over 85% of our 5.6 candidates qualify for tertiary education i.e. scoring from 2- 3(4) principle passes with always over 60% passing three principle passes.

For all the above achievements to be realized, there must people who are sacrificing, working hard and with commitment to ensure the attainment of that success.

At this juncture, let me convey my heartfelt appreciation to the head teacher and his team for the good work and especially of his good relationship with his staff, parents and students which has contributed to the smooth running of the school. May the Almighty reward him abundantly.

I would also like to thank our parents from near and far, for the support and confidence they placed in us since we opened our doors.

We also thank you for always paying school fees in time which enables us to run the school successfully. We have always appreciated your advice and criticism which has always made us improve. If we trod in any ones toes in the process, please forgive us, for, "to err is human, and to forgive is divine". We always need your cooperation as we guide our young ones.

To our teachers past and present, we wish to register our thanks for the love, commitment and hard work rendered to the school. And most importantly for the patience since whatever we can provide is never enough. We know you deserve a lot more but the circumstances hinder us. But, despite that, you have always remained committed to provide quality education to our students. It's only ---Alta-h-that can reward you sufficiently.

To our students, past and present, all we can say is that, we are proud of you.
Your discipline, efforts and desire to succeed, has always made our work easy and interesting. You have been good ambassadors since over 60% of our student population is always denied from your siblings, relatives and friends. And we are happy that many of you have been exemplary wherever you have gone.

We have students who already hold masters degrees like Mirembe Bernadette (Masters Degree of science in veterinary medicine) and Ssendawula Khasim who is currently pursuing a doctorate at Makerere University. However, the struggle continues, success is never a destination but a journey, so, I appeal to those still in school at the various levels to always work harder, be persistent and focused and to know that success does not happen, you plan to make it happen.

At Kabowa High School, our Motto is "Academic excellence is the key" and indeed those who have excelled prove us right, as they have found it easy to get employment and are already trotting the globe. Our mission was and is to provide quality and affordable education that will develop academically excellent, morally upright, hardworking and socially responsible citizens. Indeed those who have interfaced with our old students can at attest to that.

And our vision from the outset was to become a centre of academic excellence in a safe, nurturing and enabling environment. We have endeavored to walk along that path, in spite of all the challenges we face and q the best testimony will be from those who have passed through our gates. In all those endeavors, our guiding belief has been and will always be that, "men and women are limited, not by their birth, not by their colour of their skin (tribe and race), not by their social, economic status, but by the size of their hope"

This belief has always formed the basis for our effort which has enabled us to make our students able to compete favorably with those from the traditional schools.

However, in spite of all the above achievements, we are aware that there is a lot more, we have to do improve our school in every aspect to make it more conducive to our students. But, with the protection, guidance and blessings of Allah, and the support and cooperation of our dear parents, the committed service of our professional staff, we hope to continue progressing towards attainment of our goals.

I cannot end this message without thanking our neighbours around the school and the neighbouring village of Ndeeba, Kitebi, Najjanankumbi, Nyanama, Bunamwaya, Wankulukuku and all other adjacent villages, for the support to this school through entrusting us with their children. We promise to continue serving you in the best way possible. At this juncture, we wish to hail the editorial board headed by Jagenda Trevor Kinyabwiru (an old student), for this wonderful piece of work. We are grateful and may God reward your efforts.

Finally, we pay homage to our sole visionary, the person who worked tooth and nail, and the person who had the vision of starting this school, our late director, sister, mother, friend and mentor, the late Hajat Masitullah Nakawungu. May the Almighty rest her soul in peace. Amen. "...our vision from the outset was to become a centre of academic excellence in a safe, nurturing and enabling environment. We have endeavored to walk along that path, in spite of all the challenges we face and the best testimony will be from those who have passed through our gates."

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